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Workpackages of the TRAINDY Project
Project Organisation

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For software validation the project was divided into workpackages

  1. Pneumatical assessment
    Date: 13 December 2007 Status: Ok
  2. Dynamical assessment
    Date: 25 March 2008 Status: Ok
  3. Assessment of the entire System
    Date: 25 September 2008 Status: in progress

Next steps

  • Creation of a consortium
  • Promotion of the new system and approach

Assessment Process:

Worpackage 1 and 2 were based on practically the same test run data. The process was developed and approved by experts as follows:

  1. Assessment of the test run data available
  2. Definition of the test runs
  3. Definition of the components
  4. “One-to-one” comparison of the test run results with those of the simulations
  5. Definition of “good” and “standard” values

The following comparisons took place:

  • TrainPneu with SNCF test runs
  • TrainPneu with Trenitalia test runs
  • TrainPneu with DB test runs
  • TrainPneu with E-Train calculations
  • TrainDy with SNCF test runs
  • TrainDy with Trenitalia test runs (only for the pneumatic validation)
  • TrainDy with DB test runs
  • TrainDy with E-Train calculations

The Expert Group also validated the brake components that had been fitted on the vehicles used for the test runs (for a list of these components see Current Status).

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