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Background of the TRAINDY Project

The TrainDy project was launched in 2002, following a mandate issued to the Tor Vergata University in Rome by Faiveley Transport (Italy). In January 2005, UIC Study Group 2 decided to launch a corresponding project aiming to assess the extent of demand for a system to calculate longitudinal dynamics. In view of the new economic conditions resulting from the expansion of the EU, the Study Group assumed that there was greater demand for trains of over 1,200 t.

In order to simplify international train operations, the regulations for train tonnage have to be adapted and defined in the form of consistent provisions in UIC Leaflet 421. The worldwide investigation into simulation tool supply led to the development of the TrainDy system, which provides the following benefits:


  • is programmed in MatLab, an international standard programming language well-known by experts
  • is based on purely physical pneumatic and dynamic models
  • can simulate all operational modes according to time and route
  • can simulate brake release at one or several points in the train
  • is developed as an OpenSource tool
  • other languages can be added easily
  • can be supplemented with new modules and features by the manufacturer or even by universities.

Therefore the Study Group 2 supported testing the TrainDy programme and submitted this request to the UIC Technology and Research Platform.

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