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References of the TRAINDY Project
List of UIC norms and ERRI projects relatives to Longitudinal Dynamics

  • UIC 421 : Composition and Braking rules for international brake trains
  • ERRI B126-1, B177 RP1 to RP6 Problems of braking and dynamics for trains until 700 meters length
  • ERRI B177-1 RP1 to RP2 and B177-5 RP1 : risk of derailment for train brakes in Regime P and 700 meters length
UIC norms relatives to drawgears and buffers

  • UIC 526-1 : buffers for wagons (105 mm)
  • UIC 526-3 : buffers for wagons (130 and 150 mm)
  • UIC 520 : drawgear

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