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News, events and meetings aboutthe TRAINDY Project
News and Events:

TrainDy was presented at the WCRR in Seoul, Korea, and information on the project will also be presented at Innotrans 2008 in Berlin at the Faively Transport, UIC and Deutsche Bahn stand. The feedback from rail researchers has been excellent, and the approach for distributing the source code was of particular interest.
The Article that was published subsequently and the Poster can be downloaded here.

On 22 January 2009 Gabriele Maffei, Head of the UIC Technology and Research Department, signed the approval certificate for the entire TrainDy system at UIC headquarters in Paris.

TrainDy Meetings:

You will find here all the events and meetings related to the TRAINDY Project. Click on the events' titles to get more details.

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You will find members of the TrainDy expert group at the following congress/conferences:

  • WCRR 2008, Korea
  • Comprail 2008, Toledo, Spain

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